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 Why hire a calligrapher to address your important envelopes?

  he invitation is the first inkling your guests will have of your upcoming event.  A beautifully engrossed envelope, arriving unexpectedly in the mail, will certainly stand out from the usual e-vites and computerized mailings, and inform your guests of the kind of affair you are planning.    ou can feel comfort in knowing that common envelope mistakes will be avoided, like how to indicate that children are or aren’t invited, how to address judges, doctors, grown children.  I make sure you have enough extra envelopes and advise on timing the mailing.     
our affair is important and personal. I take care that the
outcome reflects you, accurately and on time.

Envelope:   $3.00 each - Any style

Color of ink can be matched to invitation

If there is an inside envelope:  $1.00 extra

Foreign envelopes:  $4.00

Matching color: $25

Place Cards: $2.00 each 

Rush Fee:  $35  (less than two weeks)

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